The Taichi Guy 太极汉
Thomas To 杜沛充
No-nonsense, realistic, scientific, healthy and peaceful way to live.
Win the fight in life without fighting.

Hi, my name is Thomas To.  I'm not some mystical martial arts grandmaster or genius.  I am just a dad with a story to share, to bring goodness to the world.  To share the original, classical form of Taichi as taught by my grand-teacher Pek Hua - enjoy the benefits of his teachings and not let them die with him. May you find peace in all, like I have.

Tell me your story...

...your life, your struggles, your hopes and also what you want out of my Taichi coaching:
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Want an easier way to live?

The Taichi Guy can help.  So can millennia of philosophy and findings.  I am a full-time working dad with young kids, a volunteer in the community, so I face various challenges in life.  Taichi has helped me overcome difficulties and become who I am today. Taichi is what you make of it.  Taichi lets you find peace in all things.

Is Taichi a martial arts style?

Most people didn't know Taichi was from a long lineage of combat techniques used on the battlefields in ancient China.  Although we no longer wield spears on horseback, Taichi remains the martial arts that can help you become fit and healthy, improve your combat skills and keep up with life. Taichi IS the Art of War!